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Udemy For Recurring Income

Richard Kemmett
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Complete, Comprehensive Guide On How To Start Making Recurring Income From Udemy!

10 Chapter e-book that will guide you on your way to making recurring income with Udemy!

  • Chapter 1. Why Udemy?
  • Chapter 2. How to find profitable Udemy Ideas
  • Chapter 3. Creating the outline for your course
  • Chapter 4. Preparing to record your videos
  • Chapter 5. Creating your videos
  • Chapter 6. Creating a high converting landing page
  • Chapter 7. Pricing your course
  • Chapter 8. Create pre-launch sales funnel
  • Chapter 9. Launching your course
  • Chapter 10. Best practices for success

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10 Chapter Step-by-Step e-Book On How To Get Started On Udemy! Follow These 10 Steps To Create And Succeed In Udemy.

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Udemy For Recurring Income

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